Oculoplastics Surgery

Am I a Candidate?

At Texan Eye we offer elective cosmetic procedures as well as other oculoplastic surgeries to improve vision. If you are experiencing wrinkles or bagginess around the eyes or excess skin on the eyelids you may be a candidate for an oculoplastic procedure at Texan Eye. When choosing a doctor to perform surgical or nonsurgical procedures around your eye it is important to consider how fragile the human eye is. Select doctors here at Texan Eye are Board Certified Ophthalmologists trained in oculoplastic reconstructive surgery.


There are a number of eye conditions that pose cosmetic concerns and also affect vision. Oculoplastics is a broad term referring to any cosmetic or reconstructive treatment of the eyelids, eyebrows, tear ducts, or orbit (bony area) of the eyes. With ocular plastic surgery, our eye surgeons can treat a variety of vision problems caused by everything from droopy eyelids to orbital fractures, skin cancers of the eye, and facial spasms. Our goal is to not only restore vision, but also repair the function and appearance of the eyes.

Common Oculoplastics Treatments

At Texan Eye, we customize each oculoplastic surgery procedure to meet the needs of our patients. We routinely perform eye lift, or blepharoplasty surgery, to repair drooping eyelids that are obstructing vision, and our surgeons are trained in the latest reconstructive surgery techniques for the correction of eye abnormalities and fractures. We also offer several nonsurgical alternatives, including BOTOX® Cosmetic.


BOTOX® Cosmetic offers several benefits for our patients – the injection helps relax the facial muscles responsible for uncontrolled eye movement (blepharospasm) and also smooths out wrinkles near the eyes and eyebrows. Botox treatments are short, only lasting approximately 15 minutes and do not require any recovery time. With immediate results, lasting from 4-6 months, our patients have seen aesthetic improvements while also obtaining a youthful and natural look.