Full Focus Cataract Surgery

Intraocular Lenses in Austin and Cedar Park – Introducing Full Focus® Cataract Surgery with Tecnis® Multifocal, ReSTOR®, AcrySOF® Toric Lens Implants, and Crystalens®

For patients over the age of 45 who are dealing with progressive eye conditions like cataracts and presbyopia,the idea of life without bifocals, progressives, or reading glasses is something that is either long forgotten or something that never existed. The good news is that since our eye surgeons in Austin have introduced Full Focus® intraocular lens implants like Crystalens®, Tecnis® Multifocal, and AcrySOF®, we can now help these patients see clearly at all distances with little or no dependence on glasses.

Contact Texan Eye in Austin and Cedar Park to find out if you are eligible for cataract surgery with Full Focus® intraocular lens implants like Tecnis® Multifocal, ReSTOR®, and AcrySOF® lens implants.

What are Intraocular Lens Implants?

Intraocular lens implants, also known as IOLs, are clear, flexible lenses that are used to replace the natural lenses of the eye that have been clouded by cataracts. While their primary function is to restore vision affected by cataracts, they have the simultaneous benefit of correcting refractive error that may also be present prior to surgery. For mature patients interested in seeing well at distance, intermediate, and near, Full Focus® intraocular lenses offer an array of outstanding options.

Full Focus® Surgery lens implant information

Your individual eye is as unique as your fingerprints are different from everyone else’s. Here at Texan Eye we offer a variety of different lenses to accommodate your eyes. After our doctors review your medical history, listen to your concerns, and examine your eye they will determine which lens suits your vision needs. Our patients have had high success and satisfaction rates with our ReSTOR® lens implants, Tecnis® Multifocal lens implants, AcrySOF® Toric lens implants, and Crystalens® lens implants.

The ReSTOR® intraocular lens is designed to provide quality near to distance vision by combining the strengths of apodized diffractive and refractive technologies. Similar technology has been used for years in microscopes and telescopes to improve image quality, and has now been patented for use in intraocular lenses. ReSTOR® intraocular lenses provide a full range of vision for patients with cataracts and presbyopia. These lens implants have a unique design that allows them to distribute light onto the retina, allowing the eye to focus at distance, near, and intermediate.

The Tecnis® Multifocal IOL is designed to give patients high quality vision at distance, near, and intermediate, day or night. The Tecnis® Multifocal IOL is the first and only pupil-independent and aspheric lens designed to correct the two highest order aberrations, thus producing high contrast and quality vision.
AcrySOF® Toric lens implants make it possible to simultaneously correct the cataract that causes blurry and cloudy vision, as well as the astigmatism that results in image distortion.There are unique properties and advantages to each of the accommodating, multifocal and toric lens implants. The only way to determine the best lens implant for your individual visual needs is through a comprehensive surgical consultation with one of our cataract specialists in Austin Georgetown, Bastrop, Burnet or Cedar Park.

From its inception, Texan Eye has been involved with Crystalens® clinical research and development. Our doctors in Austin and Cedar Park performed cataract surgery using Crystalens® as part of an FDA trial beginning in 2001 which led to FDA approval in 2003.
Crystalens® is the first and only intraocular lens that uses the natural focusing ability of the eye.
If you reside outside of the Austin and Cedar Park area and are interested in Full Focus® intraocular lens implants, the staff at Texan Eye will gladly assist you with travel arrangements and also arrange for post-operative care from a qualified eye doctor in your area. Please contact Texan Eye for more about Full Focus® intraocular lens implants.

What is Full Focus® Cataract Surgery like?

Surgery to implant Full Focus® intraocular lenses is brief and virtually pain free. Eye drops are used to anesthetize your eyes and mild sedatives are provided to help you relax. Full Focus® cataract surgery takes approximately 20 minutes. You might feel pressure, but typically no pain. There are generally no shots required.

How quickly will my vision improve following surgery?

Your vision may be mildly blurry in the first few days following surgery. However, as your eyes heal, you will notice increasing improvements in your distance, intermediate, and near vision. The results are such that the majority of patients can pass the driver’s license vision test, and can read a newspaper without glasses.

Does insurance cover Full Focus® Cataract Surgery?

For patients with cataracts, most insurance companies will cover a large portion of the surgery. If Full Focus® lens implants are selected, an additional upgrade fee is required to obtain these premium lenses. The insurance specialists at our Austin and Cedar Park eye centers can tell you the portion of your surgery that will be covered by your insurance, as well as assist you with financing options as needed.

To learn more about Full Focus® Cataract Surgery with Tecnis® Multifocal, ReSTOR®, AcrySOF®, or Crystalens® lens implants, contact Texan Eye today.