General Eye Care

As your eyes dash across this page, absorbing information and sending it to your brain you probably think nothing of it. It is easy to take something as simple as sight for granted; yet, one day this could all change. Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. At Texan Eye we are committed to our patients. By investing in the most advanced technology and providing you with the leading eye doctors in Central Texas, your vision is in good hands. No matter how clear you think your vision may be, it is still important to schedule routine eye exams. In order to detect harmful diseases before the eye goes blind, preventative care should be a priority.

In addition to scheduling routine eye exams, you should also preserve and protect your eyes. By wearing protective eyewear while performing contact sports, handling chemicals, using sharp objects, working around dust or engaging in other dangerous activities- you will be able to lower your risk of damaging the eye. In the hot Texas sun it is also extremely important to wear your shades! Texan Eye offers a variety of sunglasses with UV protective lenses that are both fashionable and practical. Depending on your lifestyle and day-to-day activities, we have eyewear for everyone.

Eye Exams

Not only do we sell a variety of eyewear but Texan Eye is staffed with experts to fit you in contact lenses. Many patients assume that their prescription for contacts is the exact same as their eyeglass prescription. This is not the case. Texan Eye offers contact lens fittings to ensure that your vision needs are being met.

Contact Lens & Glasses Fitting

We have convenient onsite optical shops at many of our locations including: Balcones, South MoPac, Georgetown, Bastrop, and Cedar Park. Texan Eye is here for you throughout every stage of your vision care. If you are unsure what vision solution meets your needs, call us to make an appointment.