Before LASIK or ASA Surgery

Before LASIK or ASA

If you are considering refractive surgery, visit one of our Austin eye centers for a complimentary LASIK / ASA Screening. At this time, your doctor will take preliminary measurements, answer your individual questions about laser eye surgery and discuss LASIK financing.

Your next appointment will be the Refractive Surgery Consultation. This consultation gives our surgeons an opportunity to perform an in-depth eye examination to determine that you are a candidate for LASIK or ASA eye surgery. Your surgeon will look for any eye abnormalities that would preclude laser vision correction and also re-measure your eyes.

It is important that you discontinue the use of soft contact lenses for one week to 1 month prior to this appointment. Rigid lenses call for at least one month per decade of wear. The prescribed amount of time will depend on your prescription and wearing schedule. This is necessary as contact lenses tend to change the shape of your cornea, and we want to make sure that your measurements are as precise as possible prior to surgery. During this consultation, your surgeon will make a final recommendation for treatment.

*The Day of Your Surgery*

Some points to keep in mind on the day of your LASIK surgery:

  • From start to finish, your entire stay at the surgery center will be approximately one to two hours. Try to get some rest the night before. Remember, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous the day of the procedure.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and do not apply makeup the day of the surgery.
  • There are no food and drink restrictions prior to LASIK or ASA, but please refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or taking any medications that will make you drowsy.
  • Arrange transportation. If you cannot find anyone to drive you home following surgery, we will be happy to make arrangements on your behalf.