Vision Correction Cost and Financing

Laser Vision Correction Cost and Financing

LASIK and ASA surgery fees will vary depending on the type of procedure. At Texan Eye, our global fees include the surgeon’s fee, the laser facility fee, and post-operative appointments. Though rare, any enhancement that may be required within the global period of one year may incur a nominal fee. An enhancement is a second procedure designed to fine tune the visual results of the initial eye surgery. In our practice, an enhancement is required for less than 2% of our patients who have undergone LASIK or ASA.

Although most insurance companies do not cover laser eye surgery, some companies cover a portion of the total cost of refractive surgery. Please contact Texan Eye or check with your company to see if you qualify for coverage.

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Financing is available through CareCredit Health Finance and Chase Health Advance Financing.

To find out more about surgery and laser vision correction financing options, please contact Texan Eye today.

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