LASIK Surgery Technology

Precision Laser Vision Correction in Austin – About Our Refractive Surgery Technology

At Texan Eye, our eye surgeons have used virtually every excimer laser on the market. All laser systems have their advantages, and your surgeon will select the best option for your particular needs. You can rest assured that our nationally recognized surgeons will always offer the latest refractive surgery technology available. The iLASIK technology we use combines two procedures, IntraLASIK utilizing the IntraLase Femtosecond laser and iDesign Wavefront Guided Custom LASIK, in order to achieve 20/20 vision or better. The very small differences between different brands of lasers are insignificant compared to the differences between surgeons. The eye surgeons at Texan Eye are the overwhelming choice of Austin eye doctors when it comes to their own eye surgery. Your eyes deserve the same degree of excellence.

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VISX® Star S4 Laser

For years, our eye surgeons have used VISX® laser systems to produce successful refractive surgery outcomes for patients with lower order visual aberrations (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism). For our Central Texas and Austin refractive surgery patients who suffer from higher order visual aberrations, we now utilize the new VISX® Star S4 laser system to deliver Custom Wavefront™ LASIK and Custom Wavefront™ ASA. The VISX® Star S4 laser and WaveScan™ mapping technology allows us to target even the smallest imperfections in the eyes.

We now recommend Custom laser vision correction with the VISX® Star S4 laser system to all of our patients who qualify for the surgery. Custom laser vision correction with the VISX® Star S4 laser produces sharper vision than traditional Premium laser eye surgery, resulting in better night vision, and fewer halo/glare complaints. With the VISX® 3D tracking system, our eye surgeons are able to track eye movements during surgery and keep the laser centered precisely over the treatment area, compensating for any small eye movements. This 3D tracking system, coupled with the diagnostic capabilities of the VISX® WaveScan system (which measures the unique imperfections in your eyes) results in greater control for the surgeon, and better results for the patient.


For years the NIDEK laser system has produced consistently excellent results for our Central Texas and Austin refractive surgery patients. Like the VISX® excimer lasers, NIDEK lasers treat refractive error quickly and effectively using the precision of computer control, targeting visual irregularities in less than 60 seconds per eye.

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