Refractive Lens Exchange

In certain circumstances, patients with vision problems who have not yet developed cataracts may be a candidate for Full Focus® intraocular lens implants. Also, some individuals with severe myopia or hyoperia may be better suited for lens implants than LASIK or ASA. Patients who have undergone previous LASIK or other refractive surgery may also consider Full Focus® intraocular lens implants to correct their near vision.

Prior to the advent of these advanced accommodating, multifocal, and astigmatism-correcting intraocular lens implants, patients would undergo lens replacement with standard fixed focus (monofocal) lens implants. While these monofocal lenses were effective at improving distance vision, they did not correct near vision. Therefore, following surgery, patients would still have to wear reading glasses. Now, with the introduction of Full Focus® intraocular lens implants, patients have the opportunity to see clearly at distance, intermediate, and near.