An eye examination is being conducted by the person.

By age 75, around half of people in the United States have cataracts. Cataracts often start developing around the age of 40 and get worse with age. This visual condition can make living a normal life very difficult. 

Cataract surgery can solve the problem. Cataract surgery is a straightforward process that removes cataracts and improves your vision. But how can you know if this surgery is the right choice for you?

How can you know if you have cataracts? Keep reading and learn more about the most common signs of cataracts and whether cataract surgery might be right for you. 

1. Blurry Vision

Eye care is very important but many people don’t know much about it. It is normal for older adults to develop blurry vision. But there is a point when blurry vision is not part of normal vision health. 

If things start looking blurry, this could be an early sign of cataracts. The blurriness will start very slightly. You might not notice it at first. 

But then you may find yourself squinting to read a sign or a book. It may be difficult for you to focus on things that are in front of you. You may start to get frustrated if you can’t see something clearly. 

This blurriness may impinge upon your ability to complete daily tasks. It may be difficult to find where a handle or button is. This blurriness may also get worse the longer you go without treatment. 

If you have blurry vision that is worse than usual, this may be a sign of cataracts. You should visit your eye doctor to make sure. Catching this problem early can prevent it from becoming too serious a problem. 

2. Difficulty Seeing in Low Light

Suppose the sun is setting but it isn’t dark yet. Do you have a hard time seeing things at this time? Or if you are in a room with dull lights, is it hard for your eyes to focus?

Having a hard time seeing in low light is a common sign of cataracts. This difficulty is often noticed by people when they drive during the evening or at night. This can be dangerous if you can’t read street signs or tell how far a car is ahead of you. 

Losing your vision this way can impinge upon your independence. It may also make you a danger to others while driving. Seeing your eye doctor regularly will ensure that you are caught up with your eye health. 

If there is anything amiss, your doctor can point out the best treatment options. 

3. Double Vision

Double vision makes it very difficult to see normally. You might try to focus on an object but find that you are seeing double of that object. This may happen to everything around you. 

Double vision makes it difficult to focus on the real version of an object. It can also be a detriment to your perception of depth. You might try to grab an object but find that the object is slightly more to the left than you realized. 

Double vision makes it very dangerous to drive and operate machinery. It also makes it difficult to read, watch television, and focus on things or people in front of you. It is also very frustrating and confusing to see everything doubled. 

You should see your eye doctor right away if this happens. It is a strong sign that you have cataracts and that it is getting worse. 

4. Changes to Color

Many people think that cataracts are a thin, colorless film that develops over the eyes, but this is not true. Cataracts have a very light color that gets darker and more prominent the longer you go without treatment. Cataracts will eventually become a darker shade of yellow or brown. 

This will change the color of everything you see. It will be like wearing a pair of yellow goggles all the time, or like there is mud in your eyes. Bright objects like flowers may look dull and muddy. 

This can make it difficult to distinguish different colors from each other. It is also depressing to no longer be able to see vibrant colors. This is why cataract treatment is important. 

5. You Can No Longer Perform Close up Tasks

You might enjoy reading, sewing, or doing jigsaw puzzles. But it might be impossible to do these tasks once you develop cataracts. It might also be difficult to read texts on your phone or find small objects around the house. 

This can be frustrating and discouraging. But you don’t have to live like this if you get cataract surgery before this problem gets any worse. It is important to act fast because untreated cataracts can lead to vision loss.

6. Halos

You may start seeing halos around light sources if you have cataracts. Suppose you are driving at night. Do all the streetlights and headlights have halos around them?

If so, you may have cataracts. These halos can make it difficult to drive since they are bright, large, and get in the way. It’s best to get early cataract treatment so you aren’t a danger to yourself or others while driving.

Do You Need Cataract Surgery?

Many people develop cataracts as they get older. It makes it difficult to see things clearly and you may develop double vision, halos, and color changes. It may also be difficult to perform close-up tasks or drive safely. 

Cataract surgery can solve these problems so you can get your life back. To learn more about how it works, check out our services